• cutting process

  • Secondary processin

  • Welding process

  • Smart logistics

Main products

  • Komatsu PC100 Series

  • Komatsu PC100 Series

  • Komatsu PC70 Series

  • Komatsu PC70 Series

  • John Deere JD260 boom

  • John Deere JD200 Series arm

  • Komatsu PC300 Series center frame

  • Komatsu PC228 Series R/F

  • Komatsu PC228 Series deck

  • Komatsu PC200 Series R/F

More information


Company introduction KATSUSHIRO MACHINERY (SHANDONG) CO., LTD . is dedicated to professionally engaged in the production of steel plate parts and to develop new concepts for the production and processing of steel plate parts in China in the 21st century. It is committed to providing users with highly competitive parts, technology and services. The company will give full play to its existing professional technology, production management and development capabilities, further improve production ca...



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